The "WHY" for 2019

Outdoor Recreation and Technology industries are booming in Colorado, but how can your business or the industry grow as a whole and still remain in the mountain communities that inspire us? 

The Outdoor Innovation Summit will convene the cluster of industry participants in the Mountain Region, share our successes and our struggles, and look to form a solution-oriented coalition for these industries to grow in the same places we love to live, work, and play.

Who will be in the room?

Outdoor Recreation

If you've thought about making custom skis out of your garage, you should be here. If you have manufacturing overseas and R&D at the foot of the slopes, you should be here. Summer and Winter Outdoor Recreation products, services, and experiences should be here.


Recreation is merging natural experiences with technology. E-bikes, apps, augmented reality, SaaS, and evolutions in design and manufacturing have changed the industry. If your technology does or could contribute to outdoor recreation, you should be here.

Industry Support

Our mountain ecosystem is more than the seasons, the snow, and the streams. Outdoor recreation has a business ecosystem of sales, support, tourism, funding, management, and growth partners. If your business makes recreation better, you should be here.

Where is basecamp for the summit?

All events related to the Outdoor Innovation Summit will be at or start at the Brush Creek Pavilion unless otherwise indicated. Parking is available on site and across the street at the Community Garden.

Brush Creek Pavilion, 909 Capitol St. Eagle, Colorado 81631, United States

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